4 Videos at once for intro HELP!?

Answer Download windows live movie maker or windows movie maker if you do not alreadly have one which im sure you will as it comes with most computers. You shold be able to play around with it on there.

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How do i make a video intro for my youtube videos?

use imovie in your mac.-----or--- This will help you....use windows movie maker (included in your windows machine)... it can help you make beautiful slideshow or video clip(e.g. mixing your songs w... Read More »

How to Play an Intro Tab?

Playing an intro to a song can set the mood for a song. While songs like "Stairway to Heaven" have great (and fairly easy) intros, there are some easier ones you can learn to begin.

What is your opinion about this intro animation?

It is a BRILLIANT little Video at any price!BUT...A Flash intro on your site? A Flash that takes a few seconds to load?You are committing absolute suicide!95% of users will leave your site even be... Read More »

Making a youtube intro?

Intros are lame, IMO. When I click on a video, the last thing I want is for the person who made it to waste my time by making me watch an inane introduction.