4 Types of Short Waves?

Answer Everything you see represents a part of the electromagnetic spectrum, but there's far more; tons of things you don't see are also within this spectrum of waves. The spectrum's wave types are charac... Read More »

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How to Get Waves in Short Hair?

Wavy hair softens your features and creates a flirty frame for your face. Even if your hair is short, by following a few basic techniques, you can add some curl and bounce to your look. Forget bori... Read More »

How to Do Finger Waves on Short Hair?

Finger waves first became popular as a hairstyle during the 1920s; the hair was styled in waves to make the popular bobbed cuts of the era softer. Although they can be done with longer hair, finger... Read More »

What is the best radio receptor for listen to short waves?

Metro has good answers, but whatever radio you use, the best reception will occur with the best antenna. The longer a wire the better the reception will be with any radio. Three rules of antennas... Read More »

How to Create Waves in Short Relaxed Hair Without Heat?

Although relaxing your hair will make it more manageable, it can also end up looking flat and lifeless. You may want to incorporate some waves into your hair for a fuller, flowing look. You will wa... Read More »