4 Link Suspension vs. Leaf Spring Suspension?

Answer Leaf spring suspensions are the crocodiles of the automotive world: little-changed when all else in the world has evolved, but primordial for a reason. While multi-link suspensions may be dynamical... Read More »

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Four Bar Vs. Leaf Spring Rear Suspension?

Few vehicles on the market today offer the option of either a four-link or leaf spring suspension. As such, the question of whether to upgrade to coil springs from leafs comes down to one of purpo... Read More »

The Best Ways to Lower a Leaf Spring Suspension?

Leaf springs, also known as carriage springs or cart springs, are among the simplest of suspension types, but don't take that to mean there's anything remotely simple about the way they work. Indee... Read More »

How to Add a Leaf Suspension?

Add A Leaf systems are uses in leaf springs to add height or durability to the existing spring packs. From lift kits to leveling kits and even for trailers that need a stiffer spring, Add A Leaf (A... Read More »

Torsion Bar vs. Spring Suspension?

Torsion bar suspensions may seem like outmoded technology, but they're far from extinct. While coil springs long ago came to dominate the automotive market, the simple, cheap and reliable torsion b... Read More »