4-1000A Vacuum Tube Specs?

Answer The 4-1000A is a vacuum tube of the tetrode type used in radio transmitter amplifiers. It is popular with ham radio operators. In today's digital world, it may seem surprising tube amplifiers are s... Read More »

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What is a vacuum tube?

Vacuum tubes were the predecessors of transistors--essentially, high-voltage amplification devices that made many of technological advances possible. New technologies--some involving microwaves--ar... Read More »

What is a getter in a vacuum tube?

A getter is a substance--typically a metal such as barium, calcium or strontium--introduced into a vacuum tube to increase the strength of the vacuum by combining chemically with any gas remaining ... Read More »

What Is a Vacuum Tube System?

A vacuum tube or pneumatic tube system refers to a method of transporting items along a system of enclosed pipes by the flow and varying pressure of air. This type of system works well in moving cl... Read More »

What is a vacuum tube called?

A vacuum tube may also be called an electron tube or a thermionic valve, according to prolific electronics writer Nigel P. Cook. The tubular device controls the movement of electrons inside a vacuu... Read More »