3rd Grade SMART Board Activities?

Answer SMART Boards are interactive teaching tools that supplant the use of chalk boards. Like a chalk board, a SMART Board is used to display information to students, but it can also handle graphics, sou... Read More »

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SMART Board Activities for Fifth Grade?

In classrooms across the United States, chalk boards are being replaced with SMART boards---interactive computer teaching devices. These SMART boards have a variety of capabilities and teachers are... Read More »

SMART Board Science Activities for the Second Grade?

SMART Boards are interactive classroom whiteboards from SMART Technologies. The devices enable learning through spontaneous interaction involving teachers and students. SMART Board materials are av... Read More »

Smart Board Activities for 4th Grade Social Studies?

Social Studies in the fourth grade is a demanding subject that may require additional enrichment outside of the classroom. Fortunately, several educational and government-run organizations have dev... Read More »

Activities for Smart Senses With a Smart Board?

Children learn about their five senses early on in their elementary education careers. To reinforce the concepts taught in class, teachers and young students can benefit from using Smart Board acti... Read More »