3rd Grade Projects on Tractors?

Answer When we think of tractors, we automatically think of farming, but agriculture isn't a tractor's only purpose. There are several types of tractors used for various tasks, including construction. A t... Read More »

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Third Grade Map Projects?

Third graders should know how to read a map. While they do not need to know how to read a detailed road map, teach them the features of a map, including the compass rose, symbols and legend. By all... Read More »

Second-Grade Art Projects?

Second grade is an exciting time in academic life, when students are learning more complex subjects but still enjoying their childhood. Art projects can assist in the education of second-grade stud... Read More »

Art Projects for 1st Grade?

Encourage your first-graders' imaginations with art projects they can do in the classroom. Art projects break up the long day at school and provide the pupils with a way to express their thoughts a... Read More »

Grade 2 Art Projects?

Second grade is an excellent time to develop and challenge students' art skills. Art projects can be tied into existing lessons and topics being covered or they can stand alone as a way to teach a ... Read More »