3rd Grade Lessons on Bears & Their Habitats?

Answer Many children and adults are fascinated by bears. You can capitalize on this when you teach your students about bear habitats. Third-grade students may only be familiar with pandas, black, brown an... Read More »

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3rd Grade Science Fair Project on Snake Habitats?

Snakes are among the most versatile creatures on the planet. They have adapted to living in African Deserts, tropical jungles and even warm coastal waters. They are cold-blooded and rely on their ... Read More »

How do cactus plants adapt to their habitats?

Cactus plants adapt to their extreme habitats by specializing body parts and functions. For example, the roots concentrate on anchoring the plant and on capturing nutrients and water from the soil.... Read More »

Grade 3 Art Lessons?

Art lessons for grade 3 should be entertaining, educational, and hold the students' interest. Art brings out a child's creativity and helps teach her how to express herself. In addition, grade 3 ar... Read More »

Grade 5 Art Lessons?

Art classes are an integral part of children's grade-school education. While children's creativity should be encouraged at all ages, they start to come into their own artistically at around grade f... Read More »