3cm dilated when will you deliver?

Answer you will deliver at 10cm dialated

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If you are 2CM dilated and 80 effaced how long till you deliver?

I was told by my doctor that it doesn't matter how dialated or efaced you are. It all depends on the baby. I was dialated 1 cm for 3 wks, and almost fully efaced. And they ended up having to induce... Read More »

You are 2CM Dilated and 100 effaced how long till you deliver?

Probably before you read this answer. Sounds like it's time to head into the hospital but it can take 48 hours.I was dilated to 3cm for a whole month but that was with my 6th child which they said ... Read More »

You are 36 weeks and dilated to 2 cm and you just lost your mucous plug how long until you deliver?

i would say not long at all!!!!!!!!so hurry up and get tothe hospital girl.... my water didnt break until i got ther and it was 2hr later my son was born.. are you having contractions?

Is your doctor being truthful if you are 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant and he said that you are dilated 1 1-2 cm and very swollen membranes and he thinks you'll deliver this weekend?

Answer There is no reason for your doctor to lie, but babies come when they want. He's giving you his opinion after an examination. I bet you have the baby by Sunday or Monday!Early Congratulati... Read More »