3G in ideos U8150 gone after factory data reset so how do I get it back?

Answer Connect your phone in your PC through USB then leave it for 12 hours then remove your phone from your pc and go to the web page and seach for an Android theme and download it. Then you'll get a mes... Read More »

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How do I reset my computer back to factory settings?

Back Up and BeginBack up any important information on the computer. All user data will be deleted in the system restore process. Find the system restore disk for the computer. The restore disk is a... Read More »

How to Reset Tomtom Back to Factory Settings?

The TomTom is a portable GPS for automobiles that assists the driver with navigational maps and driving instructions. If the TomTom freezes up or glitches, you can reset the system back to the fact... Read More »

Can i reset my iPhone 5 back to factory settings if I'm not selling it?

listen if there is something in the phone that is not working well, turn off any application that is not needed in the daily use of the phone. Listen some applications run in the background using u... Read More »

How to Reset My Dell Latitude D505 Laptop Back to Factory Condition?

The Dell Latitude D505 is a personal laptop computer with a 1.2 GHz processor and a 15-inch display. The system is equipped with a System Restore utility that reverts the hard drive back to its fac... Read More »