3D televisions without glasses?

Answer Currently there no glasses-less 3DTVs available right now. There was one on display at the CES and they said it will be available in a year or so but we will see. Just because you don't need glasse... Read More »

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Do I look better with glasses or without glasses (pics)?

Do you HAVE TO wear glasses for sometime and THEN wear contacts or just wear contacts without wearing glasses?

no u can judt start wearing contacts. they let me. u just have to have a perscription to get them.

What is more efficient, CRT televisions or LCD televisions?

LCD (liquid crystal display) televisions that use LED (Light-emitting diode) rather than fluorescent (CCFL or cold cathode fluorescent lamp) backlights are more efficient than old CRT (cathode ray ... Read More »

How to go one day without glasses?

From as far back as I can remember, nearsighted girls have been going to parties without their glasses. I have never heard of any dire consequences. Usually the final decision about leaving them in... Read More »