39 wks pregnant only 1 cm dilated could my water have just broken?

Answer Of course they have I can see them from here. (heavy irony there)Contact your healthcare provider, go to the hospital or whatever you are doing, Don't sit down at the computer and ask people who ca... Read More »

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How can you tell if your water has broken if you had a slight drip down your leg but ran to the bathroom and emptied a full bladder after waking up from a nap if you are 38 weeks and 3 cm dilated?

Answer You will want to reassure yourself by a doctor's word. However it's very common to slightly urinate on yourself this far along. In your sleep the baby could have kicked/hit your bladder and ... Read More »

How can you tell if you are dilated at 37 weeks pregnant?

A trained person must examine your cervix (at the vault of your vagina) to measure this. Of course, dilation and labor go together in the pregnancy. A pregnant woman whose cervix is dilating is i... Read More »

You are 40 weeks pregnant and 2cm dilated what does it mean?

2 cm is a little less than 2 finger widths. That is how open your cervix is. It means some progress. I am the same and was hoping for change this week with no such luck. Any day now!!!

What does it mean if you are 35 weeks pregnant and 3 cm dilated?

Nothing really. You are just 3 cm closer to getting to 10. listen for them to tell you your membranes are bulging...which means your water is about to break...mine broke at 5 cm...but I suppose eve... Read More »