39 weeks an 3cm dialated what can i do to help dialation?

Answer just relax and let your body do the job it was designed to. the more you tense the longer it will takealso sex! sperm is known to soften the cervix, which may in turn help open it more :) worked fo... Read More »

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If you are 38 weeks and 50 effaced with no dialation and contractions at 3 min apart when do you know when actual labor begins?

Answer Are your contractions regular, meaning, have they been 3 mins apart now for the last hour? If they have been I would say your in labor and to go to the hospital.

You are 38 weeks 2cm dialated and 75 effaced?

You are on your way, but it could be some time yet. The baby will come in its time.

You are 39 weeks and dialated 2cm how much castor oil do you think you should take to get things started?

Answer i don't know about castor oil so i won't advise you...but i know cuz i did it --i walk alot and had sex--i went to labor faster and took me 2 hours to have my baby and drink alot of water t... Read More »

You are 38 weeks pregnant and 1 cm dialated 50 effaced Would it be ok to take castor oil for induction?

I would recommend not taking anything without talking to your doctor first. If they want to induce you, they will give you medicine in the hospital. One way to "naturally" induce yourself is to hav... Read More »