3700 - 4100 calories a day?

Answer You are way too heavy for your height, even for a guy. You must maintain an elevated heartbeat for 20 minutes before you start to burn calories. A fast on your feet job is not the same as continuo... Read More »

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I just finished my fafsa and my EFC is 3700. How much money will I get?

Unfortunately, this EFC number is pretty high, so you are not going to receive much in the way of Federal Pell Grant, or FSEOG. There is hope though, so don't despair. The first thing you need to... Read More »

How many appliances will a 3700 watt generator power?

The wattage rating of an appliance represents its power consumption per hour, so how many appliances a 3,700-watt generator can power depends on both the appliances and how they are used. If you ar... Read More »

Is a Polaroid FLM-373B 3700 not compatible with HDTV channels?

The Polaroid FLM-373B is a 37-inch class LCD HDTV with an ATSC tuner, making it capable of receiving over-the-air high definition channels. It offers a full range of features, including picture-in-... Read More »

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