37 wks and 75 effaced 2 cm dilated and 2 station will you go into labor soon?

Answer well if it is a big hurt then about 3 to 5 mins if it is small hurt then 1 to 2 mins

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If you are 36 weeks pregnant 2 cm dilated 80 effaced and 0 station when could you go into labor?

Same situation here! But just to let you know hun, it may be tomar, a week, or all the till your 40 weeks, and have to be induced. Every womens body is different. I have been effaced, and dilated... Read More »

You are 1cm dilated 90 effaced and the baby is at -1 station How soon could labor start?

My daughter was just told this yesterday and her doctor said that she expects the baby in no more than 10 days. So while all women are different, labor could begin around 10 days.

I am 3Cms dilated 90 percent effaced and baby is at 0 pelvic soon could labor start?

If you are 90 effaced 3 cm dilated and the baby is at a positive 1 station how long until active labor starts Is there a way to hold it off?

Could be hours to days to weeks. Everyone is different. You will probably start active labor within 24 hours. There is no stopping labor at this point.