37 weeks pains in your lower abdomen and in top of your legs?

Answer labor coming on.

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Could you be pregnant if you're experiencing lower abdomen pains?

AnswerAbsolutely! That's usually a first sign, cramping. Its when the baby is implanting. It may also cause spotting. All the best..........

Is it normal to be having short pains in your abdomen when your 8 weeks pregnant?

Answer It's happened to several women i know before. however if it last over a couple hours you might want to call your doctor. they will have better knowledge about you and your baby and let you ... Read More »

If you're 14 weeks pregnant with twins what may be the cause of pains in the right side of your abdomen?

Answer The most likely cause is stretching of the ligaments supporting the uterus. this happens with singleton pregnancies too, but obviously more quickly with multiples.It may be something totall... Read More »

Why would a woman who is one month pregnant get sharp pains on both sides of her lower abdomen?

Answer It could just be cramping from stretching, etc. But if you are worried, you should call your doctor. There could be something else going on. But hearing that everything is OK from a docto... Read More »