35mm cameras vs. digital cameras flash?

Answer I'm not sure what you are really asking. I going to hazard a guess that you want to know if the requirements for flash is different for Film VS Digital cameras. Is one better than the other in co... Read More »

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When did digital 35mm cameras come out?

The firts digital 35mm camera came out in 1984 when the digital 43.7mm came out too.

Digital medium format and digital 35mm cameras?

What is your budget?You can buy a superb Nikon D800 for under $3,000A Mamiya 645D will cost you around $10,000 - you have to buy the back separately A Hasselblad H4D costs around $40,000 - you have... Read More »

Where in the uk converts 35mm cameras into digital camera's and roughly how much is it to do?

Your asking for a 'digital back' for a 35mm camera?The idea, in itself, is sound. But no-one has ever bothered to do it to any 'scale'.. SiliconFilm wound a few investors up some years ago but I th... Read More »

What is the diference between dslr cameras and digital high zoom cameras?

* the A57 has a sensor that is 15 times larger than the HX300* the A57 uses interchangeable lenses. The HX300 has a fixed zoom lens* the A57 can shoot in RAW. The HX300 cannot.* the quality of t... Read More »