32 inch LCD for £500, which is the best?

Answer 32" TV's can start from around £320, for some very basic model's. It is probably a better option to look at the ranges towards £399 and above as there are some superb deals to be found as the pri... Read More »

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Which TV should I get - 32-inch Sony (KDL32SL130), 37-inch Toshiba (37HL67) or 42-inch Phillips (42TA648BX)?

GET THE PHILIPS 42" it's a steal for that price and it's $200 off so it's $999.99it's 1080p , the contrast ratio is very good and pretty good response time buy it it's very cheap for that kind of t... Read More »

Which is the best 32 inch LCD TV?

The Sony Bravia KDL-32V5810U, the LG 32SL8000 and the Samsung Crystal UE32B6000VWXXU are considered to be among the best 32" LCD panels on the market, although they are also among the most expensiv... Read More »

Which is the best 17 inch lcd monitor to buy?

There is not much to choose between many of them. Look at the specifications. The refresh rate is shown in milliseconds and a good one would be less than 12ms (8ms is better). The Contrast rate is ... Read More »

I want a good performing flat screen about a 27 inch or there about, which brand is best & has the best price?

i have a samsung LED and have had it over 5 years ive had no problemsALSO:::Purchasing a new TV can be confusing, especially if you are trying to decide whether to buy an LCD TV or an LED TV, hopef... Read More »