3 GB. is it little or much?

Answer 3gb is a lot

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Is this to much water for a little pot plant?

Your pot needs drain holes on the bottom of the pot. Lots of them Then I don't care how much water you give it as it must drain out say into a pile of gravel. It needs warmth from a ... Read More »

Erm...the hair dresser took a little too much off!?

there is no real way of making your hair grow quicker. if your hair is in good condition and you are healthy meaning not on strong medication or have had a serious illness lately then you hair will... Read More »

How Much Dog Food Should a Little Puppy Eat?

The health of your dog's skin is a good indicator of your pet's overall wellbeing According to "The Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook," dogs have thin skin that is more sensitive to injury than... Read More »

Have I eaten too much or too little today?

You eat mostly carbs... you should really try to eat a more balanced diet... if you want to know how many calories you should eat per day, it's all based on your age and weight, to increase your a... Read More »