3 BALLERINA (TEA) Does it work?

Answer Hello there. I have been drinking 3 Ballerina Tea for almost a year, every single day. I can tell you all about it. I will summarize here, email me at if you have questions. Ba... Read More »

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Does 3 Ballerina Green Tea work?

On One Hand: Miracle DrugThe 3 Ballerina Green Tea is a naturally-made tea that contains no caffeine or chemical additives. Instead, it uses natural products such as senna leaves and orange peel. W... Read More »

Does 3 ballerina tea make you lose weight?

On One Hand: A Quick FixAccording to manufacturers' websites, 3 Ballerina Tea utilizes ancient Chinese herbs to facilitate weight loss. Drinking 3 Ballerina Tea will likely promote initial weight l... Read More »

How Much Money Does a Ballerina Make?

Ballet dancers do not dance for the money much of the time. In fact, they work long and hard hours for low pay in many cases. Only the most talented ballet dancers can look forward to more comforta... Read More »

Does Angelina Ballerina have a middle name and if so what is it?

Umm....You DON'T!! She's a character on a TV show, not a real girl. So, there for, you cannot levitate or use her 'Dark Powers'.