2nd period hasn't come yet Is this normal?

Answer first of all you shouldnt use tampons until you are actually on your period. It increases the risk of tss and it is more uncomfortable to insert and remove. Anyways it is normal after your 1st peri... Read More »

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Im 14 and my period comes on 21st mostly ...its 1st of next month and it hasnt come.WHY?

yeahhh. it will change up everyonce in a while. one of my friends hasnt had one for a few months.... so just enjoy the extra time you dont have it

Is this normal.. I have my period and my breath is bad (I can taste my period)?

Is this normal for my period?

Well,periods can be irregular for a really long time and take dependably long time to set into a pattern,yes I know,periods are very random,but that should be normal at your age,don't worry,you are... Read More »

I drowned in my period. Is this normal?

This question is on another level of weirdness