2.8Ghz enough for 560ti?

Answer Yes it will be fine, ideally he'd want higher but it shouldn't bottleneck too much as the CPU is Ivybridge. It has auto speed boost to 3.1ghz when being used in apps such as games btw.560ti is much... Read More »

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Nvidia 3D Vision Surround - Two GTX 560Ti SLI, or a single GTX 670?

Well I have heard lot many problems with SLI setups using 3D surround. Anyway GTX 670 would still be slightly better than GTX 560Ti SLI.And yea it should suit your requirements well too.

If I shout "Gary Busey" loud enough and enough times will I get drunk?

How do you fix a rototiller not getting enough gas and not starting because of not getting enough gas?

Clean out the carburettor and jets, clean or replace the fuel filter.

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woah 5 9 and 112....that sounds pretty skinny to me... try losing fat gaining muscle not losing weight..and i think that is around 900 calories... not enough. if you eat a sandwich though you shoul... Read More »