26 week pregnancy is the sex is problem for baby and sperm is bad for baby?

Answer Sex during pregnancy is actually encouraged by doctors but that is up to the woman since not all women feels like having sex while pregnant. The semen will never reach the baby since the uterus is ... Read More »

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What week of pregnancy does the baby start kicking?

Midwives normally say you can start to feel fluttering sensations at around 16 weeks of pregnancy. However this can happen much sooner in some women and sometimes longer in others.

Can a baby live outside the womb after the 20 week of pregnancy?

Answer The age of viability is 24-26 weeks gestation, although a baby born that early will have some complications. A baby born at 20weeks gestation cannot survive outside of the womb; therefore, t... Read More »

Whats the earliest week in pregnancy that you can find out the gender of your baby?

When the neural tube of a baby developsIs there any problem if you do any hard work on the third week after conception?

Answer Most women are able to work up until delivery. Illegal drugs and alcohol, and some antibiotics, like Augmentin, will effect the neural tube development, but not mother's exertion. good luck ... Read More »