240V Compared to 110V Plugs?

Answer Many buildings in the United States and Canada have both 240- and 110-volt electrical outlets, though most of the electronic devices use 110V plugs. In Europe and various other parts of the world, ... Read More »

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Can a 110v variable transformer be used with 240v supply ?

Wrong question. I don't know how you are planning to plug it in, but if you put the hot leg on one side of the 240 and the neutral on the other side of the 240, do me a favor and grab a video came... Read More »

UK is 240v, USA is 110v. Can I use US electronics in the UK with a different power adaptor?

To use American products abroad, there are two considerations: you have to ADAPT the plug to fit the other country's outlet configuration, and you need to CONVERT the voltage from 110-120V (typical... Read More »

Do 110V 60Hz appliances work on 240V 50Hz?

In general the answer is: "Appliances designed to run on 110 - 120 volts won't run on 230-240 volts in Europe if they have been designed to run only on the lower voltage, i.e. only on 110 up to 120... Read More »

What size wire do you use to install a 40Amp breaker for a 240V receptacle for use with a 240V range?

For USA, Canada and other countries running a 60 Hz supply service. If you had to ask this question here you need to learn more about your local wiring code re all the items you must use for a new ... Read More »