2/3 x (1/2 + 3/4) =fill in the blank?

Answer according to Google, the solution is given belowSolution:(2 / 3) x ((1 / 2) + (3 / 4)) = 0.833333333

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There's nothing like a cup of tea when....(fill in the blank)?

When you've just finished cleaning the whole house!!And a rich tea biscuit with chocolate on top to go with!!

Fun question!Fill in the blank: You know you're a mum when.....?

Aww, what a cute question, and lovely answers.*When you don't mind tipping paint, flour and sand all over your house if it means keeping your baby amused for a little while.*When you walk through t... Read More »

How to Write Fill in the Blank Questions?

When creating fill-in-the-blank questions, structuring sentences in a way that students understand the intent of each question is important. Whether or not a word bank is offered, students who have... Read More »

Fill in the blank baby name game?

JACOB because he can help the kids with homework and he's home when the ids are home so he can spend time with them DOMENIC,EMILIE,FARRAH i spelled emilie with ie instead of a y bc domenic and far... Read More »