2006 Ford Five Hundred Four-Door Sedan SE Specifications?

Answer The 2006 Ford Five Hundred SE is a 3.0-liter, four-door, five-seater sedan that was part of the first and only generation of Five Hundred vehicles manufactured from 2005 to 2007. The SE is the entr... Read More »

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Battery Specifications for the 2006 Sebring Sedan?

The Sebring is a mid-size car sold by Chrysler since 1995. The 2006 lineup included sedan and convertible models. The battery in the 2006 Sebring sedan is located behind the front fender near the d... Read More »

How to Change the Car Battery in a 1999 Ford Escort SE Four Door Sedan?

Your 1999 Ford Escort SE came equipped with a Motorcraft Group 58 battery that was rated at 500 cold cranking amps. The group number describes the case dimensions and the locations of the battery t... Read More »

Vehicle Specifications for a 2006 Ford F-150 Super Cab?

Ford has been producing the F Series line of pickup trucks since 1948. The F-150 Flareside and Styleside models were released in 1957. Over time, the truck has seen many improvements in its specifi... Read More »

Specifications for a 2006 Ford F250 Lariat?

The Ford F-series constitutes one of the best-selling vehicles in American automotive history. Pickup truck buyers have gravitated to Ford over the years for the F-series' rugged construction and s... Read More »