2005 Dodge Dakota Dash Removal?

Answer You may wish to remove the dashboard from your 2005 Dodge Dakota in order to access the electrical systems underneath it or to replace your dashboard with one that is not cracked or faded from the ... Read More »

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1997 Dodge Dakota Dash Removal?

When adding components to your Dodge Dakota, such as a new stereo or wiring, the dash may need to be removed. You may also want to replace a cracked or sun-faded dash with a new one, to make repair... Read More »

How to Replace Dodge Dakota Dash Lights?

There are multiple light bulbs in your Dodge Dakota's dash board for the purpose of illuminating your consoles and other areas at night. These bulbs can have a very long life if they aren't on very... Read More »

2005 Durango Dash Removal?

If you are changing radios or detailing a Dodge Durango, you'll need to remove the dash. You can do this at home and save labor costs. The 2005 Dodge Durango's dash can be removed in a few minutes ... Read More »

2005 Accord Dash Removal?

The dashboard on your 2005 Honda Accord houses several of the vehicle's electrical devices such as the radio, the HVAC unit and the instrument cluster. Accessing any of these devices requires remov... Read More »