2003 Taurus Gas Tank Removal?

Answer The 2003 Ford Taurus was equipped with a 3.0-liter EFI V-6 engine in the base model. The two optional engines in the 2003 Taurus were a 3.0-liter EFI DOHC V-6, and a 3.0-liter Flex-Fuel V-6. The re... Read More »

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Ford Taurus Fuel Tank Removal?

There can be different reasons why you might need to remove the fuel tank from your Ford Taurus vehicle. Even if you don't need to replace the tank, you might need to clean it out every year or two... Read More »

How to Drain a Ford Taurus Gas Tank?

Ford Taurus gas tanks are not made like most fuel tanks. Some fuel tanks will have a nut that can be unscrewed to drain the fuel out; the Ford Taurus is different. Using a siphon kit is the best ... Read More »

Radiator Removal From a '96 Taurus?

A 1996 Ford Taurus' radiator is a key component in the car's cooling system. The radiator consists of two side tanks attached to a central core. The coolant flows from tank to tank, through the cor... Read More »

Taurus CV Joint Removal?

Ford Tauruses have at each end of the front axles a CV joint connecting the swiveling turning wheels to the suspension. Constant velocity joints allow wheels to bounce up and down, vibrate, swivel ... Read More »