2003 Ford F350 Specifications?

Answer The F-350 heavy-duty pickup truck is the largest of Ford's best-selling F Series of trucks. The 2003 F-350 Super Duty came in a wide range of trims and could weigh more than 11,000 lbs. The F-350 w... Read More »

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1997 Ford F350 7.5L Engine Specifications?

The 1997 Ford F-350 continued the ninth generation of a one-ton truck that Ford first manufactured in 1948. In 1997 Ford offered its F-350 one-ton truck with both a single rear axle and also as a "... Read More »

Oil Capacities & Specifications of a 1996 Ford F350?

The 1996 Ford F350 offered four engine models; a 4.9L six-cylinder gasoline engine code Y, a 5.8L eight-cylinder gasoline engine code H, a 7.3L eight-cylinder diesel engine code F and a 7.5L eight-... Read More »

How to Remove 2003 Ford F350 Dual Wheel Brake Rotors?

The 2003 Ford F-350 pickup is a heavy-duty truck, with the dual rear wheels on each side of the axle to prove it. Because these trucks are capable of carrying or pulling a heavy load, the brakes ar... Read More »

How Do I Repair Front Wheel Bearings on a 2003 Ford F350 4-Wheel Drive?

Front wheel bearings are part of the hub bearing assembly, which controls the vehicle's movement. Wheel bearings rotate in the hub and allow the wheel to turn when the vehicle is in motion. Wheel b... Read More »