2003 Durango Ball Joint Removal?

Answer The Dodge Durango has two control arms and ball joints on each of the front wheels. In both cases, these joints are built into their control arms and can't be separately removed. You have to remove... Read More »

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How to Install a Durango Ball Joint?

Installing a ball joint onto a Dodge Durango means installing the entire control arm on a front wheel. The upper and lower control arms each have a ball joint, and they are fixed onto the arms. The... Read More »

2003 Dodge Durango Front Spring Removal?

A vehicle coil spring is a part of the suspension system that allows jolts and bumps from the riding surface to be safely absorbed indirectly by the vehicle. The spring compresses rapidly and regul... Read More »

'92 Accord Ball Joint Removal?

The ball joint on a 1992 Honda Accord is pressed into the steering knuckle. You must remove it with a special tool. In order to replace this joint you must remove the knuckle and place it into a la... Read More »

Upper Ball Joint Removal?

Upper ball joints are important for your car's steering. Without them, your steering wheel movements wouldn't be able to move your wheels so smoothly. Keeping your upper ball joints in good shape i... Read More »