2002 Ford Focus ZTS Cranks But Won't Start?

Answer Troubleshooting a 2002 Ford Focus that won't start differs depending on whether the engine will crank but won't start or will not crank at all. If the engine does not crank, or turn over, start you... Read More »

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My 1991 Ford F-150 Cranks But Won't Start?

There are several potential causes to look for if an F-150 cranks but will not start. The basic steps involved in troubleshooting the problem are to first check the wiring, then verify that there ... Read More »

Ford Windstar Cranks Over but Won't Start?

The Windstar was a minivan produced by Ford for the 1995 through 2003 model-years. The Windstar came equipped with a number of standard features, including a six-cylinder engine, dual airbags and a... Read More »

My 1996 Ford Windstar Cranks Over But Won't Start?

Things can go wrong on older vehicles in just seconds, and a 1996 Ford Windstar fits that category. It may be perplexing to try to figure the problem out. Yet the fact that the vehicle cranks but w... Read More »

Where is the oil filter on a 2002 Ford Focus SE?

The oil filter on the 2002 model-year Focus SE is mounted on the passenger side toward the front of the engine. The filter looks like a cylindrical canister protruding horizontally from the side of... Read More »