2001 Grand Am Rear Seat Removal?

Answer If you have ever wondered what you would have to do to remove the rear seat from your 2001 Grand Am, then the answer is, "not very much." The rear seats in a 2001 Grand Am are held in by clips and ... Read More »

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Grand Am Back Seat Removal?

Renovating your Pontiac Grand Am will involve several skills you may have never thought of. Determining an interior color to match the exterior requires interior design skills, and removing and ins... Read More »

Rear Seat Removal?

On some vehicles, it is necessary to remove the back seat to access the battery, the fuse box or other control units, or you may simply need more room in the back. The exact procedure you should us... Read More »

Jetta Rear Seat Removal?

The Volkswagen Jetta's rear seats can be simple to remove even if you have not removed the front seats. The Jetta's rear seats are comprised of two separate parts--the lower seat cushion or bench a... Read More »

How to Install the Rear Seat on a Grand Am?

The rear seat of a family vehicle like the Pontiac Grand Am can sometimes hide great secrets. Things like your favorite pen or set of spare keys. Things that your kids played with and put down, tha... Read More »