2001 Chevy 2.2 Compression Specs?

Answer An often overlooked rating of an engine is the compression rating. This is a calculation of the highest amount of pressure inside the combustion chamber compared to the lowest amount. This means th... Read More »

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2001 Chevy Cavalier Specs?

The Cavalier was General Motors' best-selling line and one of the 10 most popular cars sold in the United States, especially with first-time buyers, according to Motor Trend magazine. Edmunds' car ... Read More »

2001 Chevy Prism Specs?

The Prizm was first introduced by Geo in 1989. It was incorporated into Chevrolet's line-up in 1998, when the Geo was discontinued. Once it was absorbed by Chevrolet, the Prizm was completely redes... Read More »

2001 Chevy Suburban Specs?

The Suburban was introduced in 1935 and has spent most of its lifespan as a station wagon-bodied truck. The GMT800 platform Suburban was introduced for the 2000 model-year with a life cycle running... Read More »

2001 Chevy Tahoe Differential Specs?

The 2001 Chevrolet Tahoe offers three differential options; a 10.5-inch Dana rear end, a 9.5-inch standard differential, and a 11.5-inch standard differential. Several models of the Tahoe offer a f... Read More »