2000 Pontiac Paint Code Location?

Answer Pontiac released several models of cars, sport-utility vehicles and mini-vans for the 2000 model year. They include the Bonneville, Firebird, Grand Am, Grand Prix, Montana and Sunfire. The cars wer... Read More »

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The Paint Code Location on a 1994 Saturn SL1?

Like other General Motors cars, the Saturn SL1's original paint job is identified by a specific code that tells body shops and other automotive centers what color to paint the car in the event of a... Read More »

The Location of the Crank Sensor on a 87 Pontiac Sunbird?

Most crankshaft position sensors are located on or near the crankshaft pulley, but the 1987 Pontiac Sunbird's crankshaft sensor is in an unconventional place. The sensor tells the computer when the... Read More »

1999 Pontiac Montana AC Pressure Sensor Location?

The AC pressure sensor in a 1999 Pontiac Montana minivan is designed to relay information about the refrigerant pressure to the powertrain control module (PCM). The PCM uses this information to mak... Read More »

The Location of the Speedometer Sensor on a 1999 Pontiac Montana?

Knowing how to locate various components of your vehicle is important in proper care. The vehicle speed sensor is a small electrical device that reads the rotation speed of the transmission shafts.... Read More »