2000 Cadillac Engine Diagnostic Troubleshooting?

Answer Cadillacs manufactured in 2000 are compliant with OBD-II fault coding. The Cadillac's computer monitors the engine on a routine basis, and once a problem presents itself, the service light indicato... Read More »

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How to Access Diagnostic Codes for a 2000 Cadillac?

Your 2000 Cadillac contains an on-board computer that monitors everything from oil pressure to the amount of oxygen entering your car's engine. When a condition within the engine, transmission or o... Read More »

Troubleshooting a Check Engine Light on 2000 Ford Focus?

The check engine light on all variants of the 2000 Ford Escort turns on when the vehicle's onboard diagnostics detect an out-of-specification sensor reading. If the light is on but not blinking, th... Read More »

How to Run a Diagnostic on a Cadillac Car?

Cadillacs manufactured after 1996 use the second wave of On-Board Diagnostic fault codes. The Cadillac's computer runs a series of routine checks and monitors the health of the system. Once a malfu... Read More »

How do I Use the Cadillac on Board Diagnostic?

A Cadillac's on board diagnostics will sense a problem with the car and issue a trouble code. This code is stored in the Cadillac's computer, and it will activate the "Service Soon" or "Check Engi... Read More »