20 years old and experiencing definite hair loss... please help?

Answer Have your thyroid checked. Hypothyroidism can cause hair loss.

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Please help hair loss and im only 14!!!!!?

that's normal, your hair naturally falls out and grows back in. can you imagine what you'd look like if every strand of hair you've ever had was still in your head? eating well can make your hair g... Read More »

Sportacus dressing up out fit age 6 years or 6-7 years please help !!?

Hi, had the same trouble for my son! He LOVES LAZYTOWN! If you go to woolworths, they sell some stuff in a set, its not an outfit as such, but the accessories, hat, wrist cuffs, cyrstal, and stick ... Read More »

Weight loss help please..?

Eat more wholesome foods and less processed crap. No junk food and especially soda and fruit juices. Drink just water. You also need to begin working out. A combination of free weights and cardio w... Read More »

Do Ojon hair products help restore hair loss?

On One Hand: It Is Made DifferentlyOjon products are made to keep hair healthy using ingredients that are as "raw" (meaning natural) as possible. The products are made without using many of the ing... Read More »