$20 worth of weed called?

Answer a 20 bag or a dubi just want to let you know that it is NOT an eighth even though other people are telling you that, an eighth can cost anywhere from $40-$65 depending on the quality of product

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Should I smoke weed or is it not worth it?

First how old are you? Actually, no, I doesn't matter the age you shouldn't smoke or anything like that. It's really gonna **** up your life. And it's really unattractive. And if you do do it it's ... Read More »

What is stinging weed called?

The scientific name is Urtica dioica and it is more commonly referred to as stinging nettle.

Information on a Weed Killer Called Goal?

Goal 2XL, a product of Dow AgroSciences, is a selective broadleaf pre- and post-emergence herbicide. This means Goal either prevents weeds from sprouting (pre-emergence) or kills them after they st... Read More »

What weed is often called the Irish daisy?