2 questions about a new camera i bought?

Answer 1) It won't matter as long as they are the correct size.2) It is better to recharge batteries from flat as somehow they have senses that remember how much charge they require and the next time they... Read More »

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My wife bought me a Canon T1i digital camera, my old camera is a Minolta 330 RZ 35mm film camera?

With a little information you can take GREAT pictures at your sons little league games.See the link below for info from Canon. They have a good website. Try looking at your owner's manual and other... Read More »

Buying camera 1st camera i bought is Konica brand. The pic tooks >15yrs still very clear?

konica minolta was bought by sony. i think that is for slr cameras. for consumer digital cameras, i suggest canon compact digital cameras.

I recently bought a Samsung LCD TV, I have a few questions about it...?

1. Increasing the backlight level does reduce the life of the backlight. Since, in many cases, this is not a reolplaceable item, this could also reduce the overall life of your set.2. Digital TV is... Read More »

I bought a tropical plant at Walgreens..i have a few questions?

In Texas you could put it outdoors. Just bring it in when it is going to freeze. It will like the bright light.Oh, yeah almost forgot, watch out for fire ants wanting to make a home there.