2 girls one cup video?

Answer scared of watching a video. wow. its not like its going to jump out of the screen and snatch you.....or is it?

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Where can i find the video two girls one cup the real video?

if your a girl i HIGHLY recommend you not watch it, if your a guy go ahead but there is a high chance of throwin up.anyways good luck who ever you are

What's in the 2 girls one cup video?

Is the video "two girls, one cup" on youtube? don't want to see it.And's not on youtube.

Ok, um... should I watch the two girls one cup video?

Please don't. All the video shows is a girl taking a deuce, and instead of it going in to a toilet (where it belongs) it coils in to a bowl. After that scene, the two girls eat the feces out of the... Read More »