2 digital antennas, 1 TV. Does it work?

Answer Combining antennas is a tricky business. Doing so usually results in worse reception unless you understand how antennas work. One exception is combining separate UHF and VHF antennas using a combin... Read More »

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Which are best over air digital antennas?

Stick only to major American manufacturers and you will be fine:WinegardAntennaCraftChannel MasterStay AWAY from off-brands like Lava, or any antenna made in China that is sold on Ebay which claims... Read More »

What are digital tv antennas used for?

The digital TV antennas were made when the analog satellites for TVs went to a Digital satellite. With a converter box and the digital antennas it still makes it possible to use TV that still use t... Read More »

Are indoor digital TV antennas directional?

Yes, but to a very limited extent. The most common indoor antennas generally may have rabbit ears, discs, and dials. The rabbit ears, contrary to popular belief, get the best directional signal whe... Read More »

Can digital antennas get reception when its raining?

Yes, digital antennas can most definitely get reception when it is raining. Dish antennas are the ones with problems with inclemate weather such as snow wind and rain.