2 Questions about camera & comments?

Answer Although the 18-105mm lens is a fine piece of glass, If you have the usual 18-55mm the 18-105mm is a bit of overlap. Its always best to avoid duplicating focal lengths whenever possible. If you're ... Read More »

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APs/PAPs: what are some of the stupidest comments/questions you have received regarding your adoption?

When I was on bedrest in my 9th pregnancy, knowing that I was losing one of the babies (it was twins- the surviving twin is my younger daughter - I have sent 9 angels to heaven because my body can'... Read More »

FIRST TIME LSD TRIP ADVICE (a little long, but will read all comments,questions)?

You seem as if you know exactly what LSD can bring to you. I congratulate you for making mature decisions with an actual mature reason rather than just wanting to get "messed up on drugs." Some arg... Read More »

I have some questions about this camera?

although I don't know the brands , sony is a good make , 8.1 mega pix will give you very good resolution . I've been using a 3.2 mega pix for the past several years and have been happy with it , a... Read More »

Camera questions!!!!?

A Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera with 6mp will blow away a compact digicam with 10mp. There are two main reasons for this:1) Sensor size. An average DSLR will have a sensor that measures ... Read More »