2 Cycle Engine Fuel System Cleaning?

Answer The fact that you add oil to the fuel in 2-cycle engines changes many of the fuel's characteristics, including the ways in which it rots and the cleaning procedures required to remove it. Whereas ... Read More »

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4-Cycle Engine Fuel Filter Installation?

The fuel filter is an important component of an engine's fuel system. It separates contaminants and debris from fuel before the fuel reaches the fuel injectors. Having a clean fuel filter is import... Read More »

Fuel Injection System Cleaning?

Cleaning the fuel injector for any type of vehicle is important. Using a dirty fuel injector has some consequences to it such as getting less energy from the gasoline, emitting even more pollution ... Read More »

What additive is good for cleaning out a fuel system?

On One Hand: Many ChoicesA wide variety of good fuel additives are on the market. Several high-quality fuel additives include catalyst, oxygenates and corrosion inhibitor. These additives are used ... Read More »

Automotive Diesel Fuel System Cleaning?

Diesel is an efficient, energy-dense fuel that delivers better fuel economy than gasoline. Diesel fuel systems, however, are more technologically advanced than gasoline systems and, therefore, are ... Read More »