2 Black spots on my gums?

Answer You answered mine so i'll answer yours ;3I looked it up and it said that black spots on your gums could be oral cancer. ( i hope not teeth are bad too Dx) or mabey...(copied and pasted fro... Read More »

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What do black spots on gums mean?

Occurrences of dark spots on the gums can be worrying, therefore it's important to consult a dental professional first about any changes to the gums.TypesBlack spots on the gums can be precancerous... Read More »

Really black gums out of nowhere?

Worried Sick! Black Gums !?

I would definitely seek an medical opinion right away the longer you wait the worse it could be. Feel lucky that you have a situation like that because we make to much money for state ... Read More »

Black/swollen/bleeding/pain gums with positioners?

If it's not too late, _book an appointment with your dentist right away and mark it as an emergency_.Also, I guess you might wanna take a lawyer. Just maybe.I don't think it's normal for modern med... Read More »