1st Grader Science Projects?

Answer Children can begin learning scientific study and practicing the scientific method as early as preschool and the first grade. They enjoy experimenting and investigating, especially if their curiosit... Read More »

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First Grader's Science Projects?

First grade students are just beginning to learn the basics of science, so science projects for these young students must be prepared accordingly. Many first grade science projects are meant to be ... Read More »

The Best Science Projects for a Fifth-Grader?

Fifth-graders have already learned the basic foundation of the scientific method and its application from primary grade experiments. However, fifth-grade science fair projects should have some prac... Read More »

Second Grader Science Projects?

Science projects are effective ways for second graders to grasp the concepts of science and the way things work. Many kids learn best when they are able to create something with their hands from th... Read More »

Science Projects About the Moon for a 1st Grader?

The moon is a mystifying object for young children. The waxing and waning of the moon seem to make it appear and disappear from the sky. Science projects which help young students to discover the m... Read More »