1998 VW Cabrio Door Panel Removal?

Answer The front door panel on a 1998 Volkswagen Cabrio contains the door handle, door lock mechanism. The panels are held in place by a number of retaining clips and screws. The panels cover the internal... Read More »

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Door Panel Removal for a 1998 Ford Expedition?

The door panels on a 1998 Ford Expedition do more than just provide a place to hold the power-window switches. They also provide a cover to the inner workings of the door. Access to the door latch,... Read More »

Door Panel Removal for an S10?

Although Chevrolet's S10 pick-up truck has had its fair share of model names (the Syclone, the Hombre and the Sonoma), it has consistently been a popular compact truck since first produced in 1982.... Read More »

How to Take the Door Panel Off a 1998 Ford F-150?

1998 marked the 50th year of the Ford F-series line of pickup trucks. Ford adopted the F-150 nameplate in 1973. The 1998 F-150 had an integrated interior trim package that blends the aesthetics of ... Read More »

How to Take Off the Door Panel in a 1998 Accord?

Behind the door panel in a 1998 Honda Accord are the door speakers, door lock actuator and power window motors. If any of these items fails, then the door panel needs to be removed so that you can ... Read More »