1998 Lexus ES300 Alt Belt Removal?

Answer In 1992, Lexus redesign the ES 250 and changed its engine to a 3.0-liter, resulting in a slight name change of ES 300. The 1998 ES 300’s 3.0-liter engine pumped out 200-horsepower and had the res... Read More »

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How Do I Remove the Brake Pads From a 1998 Lexus ES300?

The brake pads on the 1998 Lexus ES300 are the primary components of the anti-lock braking system. The brake pads are squeezed against the brake rotors during braking to slow and eventually stop th... Read More »

How to Replace the Serpentine Belt on a Lexus ES300?

The serpentine belt on the Lexus ES300 is one complete belt that routes around all of the pulleys on the front of the engine.The serpentine belt controls all of the front engine accessories. The Le... Read More »

How to Change a 1998 Lexus ES300 Turn Signal Bulb?

The 1998 Lexus ES300, like any other automobile, has turn signal lights that will eventually burn out. Police officers issue tickets when your car's lights aren't in proper working order. Other dri... Read More »

Belt Removal in a 1998 Z24 Chevy Cavalier?

The 1998 Chevy Z24 Cavalier is powered by a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, with a manual transmission. The accessory drive belt on the 2.4-liter engine powers the air conditioning compressor and t... Read More »