1997 Dodge Dakota 4WD Specifications?

Answer The 1997 4WD Dakota was offered by Dodge as a mid-sized truck for buyers that did not need the full-size capabilities of the larger Dodge Ram. The Dodge Dakota features a four-wheel drive system th... Read More »

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1997 Dodge Dakota 2WD Recall?

The 1997 Dodge Dakota was the debut model-year entry for the second generation of production for the mid-size pickup truck under Chrysler's Dodge Ram line-up. The vehicle--which includes its two/re... Read More »

How to Remove the 1997 Dodge Dakota 2.5 Fan Belt?

The 2.5-liter engine on a 1997 Dodge Dakota uses a serpentine belt to power the engine accessories, including the engine fan (which is why some call it the fan belt). The fan belt can fray and stre... Read More »

1997 Dodge Dakota Dash Removal?

When adding components to your Dodge Dakota, such as a new stereo or wiring, the dash may need to be removed. You may also want to replace a cracked or sun-faded dash with a new one, to make repair... Read More »

How to Install Leaf Springs on a 1997 Dodge Dakota?

Besides supporting the rear weight of your 1997 Dodge Dakota pickup truck, leaf springs compress and stretch to help the vehicle travel smoothly over bumps and other road imperfections. Over time, ... Read More »