1996 S10 Leaf Springs Installation?

Answer Leaf springs, such as those on the 1996 Chevrolet S10, tend to sag over time or usage, causing a reduction in ride height. In addition, the spring isolators — plastic friction reducers between th... Read More »

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How to Take Apart Leaf Springs?

A leaf spring is a series of arced steel flat pieces that are bolted together and mounted to the rear suspension of a truck, trailer or similar vehicle to align the axle as well as provide load con... Read More »

How to Fit Trailer Leaf Springs?

Leaf springs have been used on vehicles for over a century. A leaf spring is made from a flat bar of steel that has mounting holes at each end. Most leaf springs are made of several layers of sprin... Read More »

When Do Leaf Springs Need to Be Replaced?

Leaf springs, a part of a vehicle's suspension system, need to be replaced when they are worn out, sagging or broken. If not in good working order, they may cause ride and handling problems.

How to Replace Leaf Springs?

The leaf spring was invented for the horse-drawn carriage in the early 1800s, and has since been used primarily in automobile rear suspension systems. In fact, though, the leaf spring design is kno... Read More »