1995 Mercedes C-280 Engine Troubleshooting?

Answer If your 1995 Mercedes C280 is experiencing engine difficulties, there may be a slew of problems and components that need to be replaced. Although it's impossible to describe every scenario, there a... Read More »

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1995 Mercedes Engine Code P0141?

Error code P0141 on a vehicle with a Mercedes engine indicates there might be an issue with the heated circuit of your oxygen sensor. This issue can cause severe fuel economy problems.

How to Check Engine Codes for a 1995 Mercedes?

The engine codes for a 1995 Mercedes are generated and stored on the vehicle's on board diagnostic computer. An on board diagnostic scan tool, or OBD scan tool, is needed to retrieve the codes from... Read More »

Troubleshooting the Dodge Stratus 1995 2.5 V6 Engine?

The 1995 Dodge Stratus' engine is large, and troubleshooting it can be very difficult if you do not know exactly what you are looking for. But there is a way to simplify the process. It is by no me... Read More »

How to Check Engine Light on 1995 C280 Mercedes?

The 1995 Mercedes C280 was offered with a 2.8-liter, dual overhead cam, in-line 6-cylinder engine. The on-board diagnostics (OBD) system of the vehicle monitors engine controls, fuel regulation, em... Read More »