1995 Lincoln Continental Specs?

Answer The Lincoln Continental, the flagship of GM's entries into the luxury market, had a production era that lasted from 1939 to 2002. GM built the 1995 Continental on the same platform as the Mercury G... Read More »

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1965 Lincoln Continental Specs?

The first Lincoln Continental was designed in 1939, and the car's lengthy production run lasted until 2002. In its early years, the car's high sticker price made it a luxury vehicle that was owned ... Read More »

How to Adjust the Headlights in a 1995 Lincoln Continental?

The 1995 Lincoln Continental has manually adjustable headlights that need to be adjusted whenever you replace the housing assembly, as the new housing assembly does not come pre-adjusted from the f... Read More »

Instructions for Replacing the Door Handle in a 1995 Lincoln Continental?

The door handle on a 1995 Lincoln Continental connects to the door latch with the latch rod. When you pull on the door handle, it releases the door latch, allowing the door to open. If the handle b... Read More »

Replacing the Power Steering Hose in a 1995 Lincoln Continental?

Power steering has made keeping control of your car and making fast turns much easier over the years. Your 1995 Lincoln Continental uses a steering system called worm gear, or steering gear box, to... Read More »