1995 Ford Taurus Will Crank But Won't Start?

Answer As cars age, they require more maintenance and troubleshooting as various components of the vehicle's mechanical systems will need repair or replacement. The reason why your 1995 Ford Taurus will c... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a 1995 Ford Taurus That Won't Start?

There are a number of reasons why your 1995 Ford Taurus may not be starting. Typically, a delayed start or failure to start is caused by a drained battery, faulty spark plugs, or a bad starter. The... Read More »

99 Ford Taurus With Bad Crank Sensor?

The 1999 Ford Taurus base model was built with a 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine and an automatic transmission. The crankshaft position sensor on the 3.0-liter is located on the front timing cover, n... Read More »

My car stalled and wont start no codes scanner check out replaced crank senser started 6 times then ran only?

Odd that you don't have any codes listed on the scanner. If it was a crank sensor there should be a code listed. A bad crank sensor would prevent the engine from having any spark as it needs to see... Read More »

How to Remove the Oil Pan on a 1995 Ford Taurus?

Proper oil maintenance can extend the life of your 1995 Ford Taurus. Removing the oil pan on the Taurus is essential if you must replace the oil pan gasket or if you need to access the oil pump, wh... Read More »